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Heading Towards the Planetary Civil Society Formation

             The authors give examples of two outlook conceptions (introduction to the modern scientific /1/ and esoteric /2/ ) to show the identity of goals and conclusions and, therefore, further rapprochement of these two paradigms. The answers to the questions put forward by one outlook have been developed by the other one. Thus the author’s /2/ maxim “to find the new moral system for the modern mankind” is perfectly developed in the other outlook conception (Theosophy, Agni-Yoga) which doesn’t contradict everything discovered by the traditional science. More than that, it supplements it and goes much further.  

              Introduction to the problem’s topicality. We fully agree with the words of the academician N. N. Moiseyev according to which “the possibilities of the consuming society – the civilization originating from the neolitical revolution- are spent or are close to be spent. All good the society had been able to give people was already got, and now the mankind is on its way to the epoch of qualitative change of the character of its development. If to use the dynamic system theory language the mankind is on the way to the bifurcation phase where the public evolution process channel , that is the public evolution development type ( and maybe the anthropogenesis character) itself is changed” /1/.

              The academician N. N. Moiseyev is sure that it is necessary to introduce as special course “The Modern Outlook” as the relationships between a human being and the Nature are globally critical at present. The authors of the paper share this opinion. Just for comparison they also turned to the book “The Basics of the New Epoch Outlook” /2/ devoted to the fundamental life problems and the mankind development Though N. N. Moiseyev considers the esoteric knowledge to be “ancient, not completely lost or simply intuitive knowledge or even superstition”, he calls it esoteric ( and explains: from Greek : “inner”), that is secret, hidden, assigned to esoteric people only ( in religious ceremonies, mystical doctrine, magic formulae)). The knowledge came from the human being’s history and exists now, in the era of space and nuclear energy. More than that, according to the authors, the knowledge is of great demand now. According to the academician N. N. Moiseyev the relationship between a human being and the Nature occupies a special place in the knowledge. He emphasizes the beneficial influence of the Nature itself on a human being /1/. The authors of the collected articles /3/ ( by the way, it’s the collection of the articles of Russian and Ukrainian scientists  supporting both the traditional science approach to the outlook problem and the esoteric conception stated by the  Doctor of Philosophy S. R. Ableyev who was the first to defend the  dissertation on the Roerich family heritage. He also wrote a striking book which is closely connected with the topic of the paper under discussion /4/ as the author managed to overcome the philosophy eurocentrizm and illustrates thoroughly both oriental and Russian conception, cultural and historical phenomenon of the esoteric philosophy. All science conferences “The Ethics and Future Science” traditionally organized and held by the New Epoch journal Delphis are devoted to rapprochement of the outlooks of the science and esoteric conceptions.   

.             From «ноmo sapiens» to «homo noospheres».  At the beginning of the XX century V. I. Vernadsky said that the practical activity of a human being is the main geology forming force of the planet. Now, in the era of the nuclear energy, we know that the human being is able to destroy everything that is alive on the planet. That is why understanding of the potential possibilities of the human being’s activities and danger as to the human being’s fate being the result of the activities if they are  not controlled by the Collective Intellect of the human being is tone of the corner stones of the world outlook and, consequently,  the education system /1/.    

But at the same time it is practically impossible to separate the role of each of the sources and study them separately or ignore their influence on the human being as all of them make up the single human being’s inner world and define the human being’s behaviour in difficult situations.

V. I. Verndadsky’s philosophy is as follows: the more destroying are the forces the mankind possesses the more perfect the mechanism of social control over these forces should be. It is impossible to make this control perfect if there is no philosophical platform which can appear in the frames of the noosphere theory. To create this theory is the first and foremost task of the science of the XXI century /5/.

The primacy of the material comforts is the dead-end way of technical civilization. The noosphere’s ideals mean the primacy of the cultural wealth over the material comforts, personality freedom from, first of all, the economic pressure and unfair social system.

The human being should have, like V. I. Vernadsky did,  limited material and unlimited cultural needs. The wise ideas of grand V. I. Vernadsky are very topical today: “ You can’t put off taking care of everlasting and grand for the time when the possibility to meet the elementary needs will be reached by everybody. Otherwise it’ll be too late. We’ll hand in the material comforts to the people whose ideal will be “bread and spectacle”. They would only like to eat, drink, make love and do nothing. Can the teacher be satisfied bringing up the Skalozubs, Molchanovs, greedy for money bankers, corrupted free-livers, gluttons, and selfish people /6/.

The term  «homo noospheres» was introduced by a group of authors /7/. The academician A. A. Yashin says: “ The modern Russian scientist, philosopher and cosmos supporter V. P. Kaznacheyev, a recognized successor of V. I. Verndadsky’s doctrine on noosphere puts ahead the problem of vectorization of the movement of the summarized intellect of the Earth planet : the intellect implemented into the culture, cultural aspiration, science and technical progress etc.”

The vector of the movement of the summarized intellect of the mankind at the moment of change from the «ноmo sapiens» to «homo noospheres» should be analyzed /8/. According to the authors of the paper the virtual reality ( in literature, mass media, and the Internet) is this summarized expression, the reflection of the collective intellect. It’s a separate big topic for discussion. This very component is of great importance as ‘the future of the planetary community will greatly depend on the knowledge spreading and character, erudition, culture and ideological universals which are the knowledge consequence and which N. N. Moiseyev calls the world understanding. “ It is this very component of the outlook that society can influence purposely. The future of the society will depend on its ability to understand and accept the unavoidable taboos and  obey them rather than on the technique and technologies perfection” /1/.

The necessity of ecological imperative closely connected with the ethical one.

The system of prohibitions which guarantees the mankind’s development stability is implied by this term. Why is it so? While becoming «ноmo sapiens» that is being aware of himself like this the human being was able to survive due to the right of the ‘wise’ which existed along with the right of the ‘strong’. According to N. N. Moiseyev it was reflected in the first “taboos” : “Don’t kill!” “Look for your second half next cave” and later on in the system of the “Teacher”. It made it possible to create the stronger army and people and to survive. Thus the dispositions perfection (  the idea of ‘morality” and later on the “ethics” –morality science- generated from it) helped the human being to survive rather than to kill each other as it happened at the earlier stages ( archeological dig proves it).

The principle “don’t kill!” solved the contradictions between the strongest and wisest in favour of the latter.

When N. N. Moiseyev spells the word “Teacher” with the capital letter he means not a person who teaches other people but the whole system of passing the information to further generations. This system is formed by public institutions. A teacher as a separate person whose occupation is to teach young generation is the most important element of the system of the “Teacher”. This element is based on traditions, legal institutions which provide the bringing up of the future members of the society. Defence of all members of the tribe or family contradicted the relations which traditionally existed in the primitive herd. Really,  wise and skilled members of the tribe who provided its welfare were not always the strongest, most courageous and luckiest in the men’s fightings which were preferable under usual species selection. To defend not only females and posterity but also knowledge and skills bearer or those who could bear them were of vital necessity for the herd of the original people ( or primitive horde). According to N. N. Moiseyev the strongest prohibition “don’t kill!” appeared gradually on this basis. As it was extremely important for any human being’s group it became the background for any moral and exists in different forms in the religions of all nations /1/. We would like to state that the concept of the “Teacher” was developed the most completely by the oriental tradidition /2/.

The danger of coming back of the New Medieval  appeared immediately. “I often call myself a pessimistic optimist as I see the potential possibilites the mankind has. But I’m not sure at all that the mankind will be able to use them and manage the genetic heritage left by the mammoth hunters which lives in us. Once this heritage threw all the achievement of the antique civilization back, immersed Europe into darkness of the Medieval. It’s this heritage that represents itself both in the world and local wars and every day behaviour of the inmhabitants of the civilized world /1/. As a matter of fact it is necessary to change the thinking paradigm as we are at the very point of bifurcation from which we can’t return.

The statement made by S. V.  Klyuchnikov is quite suitable here. “ It is more important to catch and understand themoral of the forthcoming epoch by separating the main from the secondary. If theindividualism – the characteristic absolutely necessary to find the place under the sun  - has been constantly cultivated in the human being since Rennaisance , the new synthesis epoch gives birth to a new quality which is commonness. It makes the human being feel himself "“a single whole'’/10/. A numberof projects we are taking part in and being mentioned below reflect this idea. They cover the majority of the books mentioned in the papers.

The Spartans and the modern society helots. According to N. N. Moiseyev the main danger lies in the idea of the civilization universal paradigm, its forced introducing as a standard, the Protestantism ethics canonization. It can rather be called the “global Americanism’ which supports the idea of selection, personal success being its measure. This selection gives oneness and permissiveness the right to exist. This idea came to minds of many Europeans and especially Americans. It gave birth to the conception of the “gold milliard” and other similar ideas which would be a catastrophe for the mankind , the conviction in perfection of the political and economic system accepted by Euro-American civilization being the most dangerous. The future decisions will be made in the spirit of the O’Henry’s story the hero of which killed his companion and justified it by the words: “ Bolivar won’t carry two people”.

The possibilities of any civilization based on individualism, idea of oneness, pathological conviction in the personal superiority are spent. They have played their game. This idea is proved by the general falling of the western culture, reduction of the educated people intelligence, absence of the interest in the High Art,  everything beautiful created by the mankind and that meets the striving for good, philanthropy, and empathy. This Euro- American culture and the tendency of its development is the distillation of the spiritual degradation peculiar to the civilization which approved capitalism in its modern form.

Modern  capitalist system is not interested in the really intelligent and educated society that is aware of the malignancy and danger of the scenario of the public evolution as it contradicts to the momentary advantage of those who “rule the ball” /1/. 

The author of the paper /1/ drives to the conclusion that norms of the socialism ( though it sounds strange today) should be adopted . But it should be a different stage where the space laws ( e.g. will freedom) are not broken. The paradigm of the paper /2/ could be of great help here. As we are people living under the civilization’s crisis we should be aware of the growing practical importance of the ideas of socialism in this interpretation because the civilization is gaining more power and the human being becomes equal to the Nature if not to gods. These ideas are significant for understanding of dependence on the relations with Nature and necessity of the dependence conditions observance. That is why N. N. Moiseyev uses the word combination the “ecological socialism”. According to him the ideas of the socialism  are sometimes implemented unconsciously, without any purpose like all the laws of the system of self-organization, like necessary fulfillment conditioned by the Nature self-organization logic. Maybe it contains the great truth of life as what is called the “socialist idea” is associated with the idea of “good” in the religion of all nations /1/.

It is impossible to implement the ecological imperative without approval of the moral one. The latter contains the main ideas of the Sermon on the Mount, basic ethic norms of the world religions and the desire to create the order on the Earth in accordance with which the people could get earthly blessings and spiritual wealth according to the effort put in. The people should spend the force and skills on the basis of the knowledge which is the public property. Without it the futurity of the human being , if he wants to preserve this name, is hopeless! More than that, the idea of “freedom, equality, and brotherhood” was written on the Theosophy’s banner. What’s the problem then?  The problem is in understanding of the situation and making the collective decision.    

From the Collective Intellect to the Collective Mind and Collective Will.

Thinking about the collective or artificial intellect and the ways of its creation the person wants to understand how the life was given the intellect, how it appeared in the Nature. The person wonders how the brain, which consists of tens of millions of neurons and capable not only to invent and create but cognize itself appeared from one and maybe and only cell.

Forming of the Collective Mind (Collective Intellect) is analogous to forming of the human being’s brain. The human being’s brain, as well as that of other animals, consists of neurons which are not able to act reasonably on their own. But in their aggregate they give birth to a certain system characteristic which we call thinking. Its studying doesn’t cover the studying of separate neurons as it really is the system characteristic of the neuron aggregate! It doesn’t depend on the people’s will.

The same could be said about the Collective Intellect. It is formed of the aggregate of the individual intellects of some people and minds playing the role of separate neurons in this aggregate. This system ( the individual minds aggregate) has characteristics which are not derived from the characteristics of separate minds. It is a system characteristic. Its potential possibilities, which we can’t evaluate today, don’t depend on the will and actions of the people . It is the result of the self-organization. But the possibilities application depends on the civil society features and organization and its Collective Will. The alternatives can be unexpected.   

The real informational society could be born. Its Collective Intellect could solve the problems of the co-evolution, organize the society according to that pattern which N. N. Moiseyev called the rationally organized society. But the Collective Intellect could fall into hands of small number of people who could implement another type of the strategy – the strategy of totalitarianism. The power of the planetary informational system could be used to approve it. It could be used to  make zombies out of the “helots” who make up the majority of the planet’s population for them to provide the life to a comparatively small number of the modern democratic “Spartans”. We are now under the influence of the powerful mass media which are concentrated in a small number of hands. May be this fact really is the beginning of the purposeful process of making zombies?     

The knowledge on the relations of the Nature and the human being and his place in the biosphere gives birth to the Collective Intellect and general understanding of the planetary situation. Spreading of the informational technologies and systems like the Internet, that of the symbiosis of the information science and television speeds up the ageing of  general understanding which is no more the destiny of wise people only . It is even the property of politicians. The forming of the Collective Intellect is the same natural process as the living substance evolution /1/.

The development of the informational technologies as any other technology is two-faced Janus. New technological facilities make the Collective Intellect forming easy, but at the same time they help to form the totalitarian system and besides necessary knowledge dissemination they can help to make zombies out of the majority of the planet population. This is taking place now. The reference to the anti-Utopia of Orwell.  

 Thus, the crotch in the process of public evolution appears at the modern stage of history. The Collective Mind can appear together with the Collective Will, and the horizons of the informational society will open in front of the mankind. The Collective Mind will play the same role as the mind of the human being in his body’s vital function: it will keep the society’s development from the results of the global crisis. 

But absolutely different thing can happen: Only the countries of the “gold milliard” will possess the Collective Mind. The informational technologies will promote the totalitarianism strengthening. It will mean that 90% of the population of the globe will play the role of the Spartan’s helots and provide the satisfied and socially stable life of the “gold milliard” in the pollution free  villages while all the planet together with the countries of the “gold milliard” will continue its rush towards the abyss.  

The modern stage of history is the final splash of the consumption society. Despite the further events it is the beginning of the agony of the system of values which appeared as a result of the property finding /1/ Will the society be able to stop the process?

The only property form is knowledge

According to the academician N. N. Moiseyev there will be  the moment when the public property that is the property which belongs to EVERYBODY will be the only form of the property. Knowledge, ideas, cultural values are the examples.  The property’s certain subject doesn’t exist. For example, knowledge, in principle,  belongs to all people, and any member of the society is a potential user of it. The property has one amazing feature: the more complete its usage is the more good it does to the society as the sizes of the public property ( the volume of the knowledge) grow when it is used jointly. Bernard Show said: “If I take an apple from you, we will have the same apple. If I take an idea from you, we will have two ideas.”

Thus the reconstruction of the structure of the property takes place inevitably. More than that, our idea about the property and its role in the life of the society changes gradually. But,, unfortunately,  those  whom the fate of the land property or computer programmes copyrights depend on don’t understand it properly.

We think that Internet electron libraries with the open access and books, paintings, films etc. with the evolution ideas is the reflection of this type of property. Now it is becoming a tendency ( the national galleries of the world countries are free). It’s high time to have open libraries and develop adjoining projects. We are forming the library like this at A lot of evolution projects can be found here. Some most important of them are as follows:

- The journal Delfis:

- The journal A Human Being in the Social World :

- The Roerich News Channel:

- Analysis of Agni Yoga publications:

- The forums on Real Ethics:

-The Independent Internet Project The Epoch:

-The ethic and philosophical journal The Epoch Distinctions:

- The Agni Project:

- The Agni Yoga Symphony :

- The Beauty and Wisdom :

- About Unspeakable in Poetry and Painting :

- Books-aid:

- Spiritual literature in different languages:

- Association of the Researchers of the Psychical:

- Union of the Oriental and European Cultures Frisia :

- Georgian Roerich Society :

- Creative Association Raduga:

- The Planned conferences of the supporters of the Real Ethics ://

As each project has different preparation and experience but common aims there exist e real chance to integrate the projects both on the technical and  organizational levels. It means the mutual help and, theoretically,  creation of the virtual society of the new type which proposes access to it for everybody. This is the society to which all of us strive for. The most important thing here is not to lose the evolution direction vector and strive for high principles of the Ethic Code of the Roerich Movement.

The informational technologies as the antique Agora. This comparison was made by B. V. Markov from St. Petersburg /11/ : “ Mass media should be the place where moral and business, perception and poetry meet. It was the creation of such places that stimulated the development of the European culture. Dangerous and bright prospects of mass media should not hide the fact that they are the space where, like on antique agora, people exchange opinions. Our agora becomes not verbal but virtual.” The role of such discussions will grow further on but where they can lead is a question. Thus  the stages of the noospheric mankind formation, its inevitability, if the mankind is going to live not only in the XXI century but further on should be reflected in the Internet and mass media. It is the essence of the Internet. We would like to cite John P. Barlow. He wrote in the Declaration of the Independence of the Cyberspace/12/: “Governments of the Industrial world, you are tired giants made from flesh and steel; my Motherland is Cyberspace, a new house of Perception. On behalf of the future I ask you, who don’t have future, leave us alone. Among us you are unnecessary. You don’t possess supreme power at the place where we have gathered… You have neither moral right to rule over us nor methods which could make us be frightened …Our world is everywhere and, at the same time, nowhere. But it is not where our bodies live…We will create the Perception civilization in the Cyberspace. Let it be more humane and honest than the world created by your governments”.  

 As we understand now the mankind is to build the noosphere before coming into it. First of all it is to create the society able to implement the ideas of noosphere genesis. The process of its construction will be difficult and long. It even can be painful. If the mankind succeeds it will be a new epoch in its history. N. N. Moiseyev calls it the noosphere epoch. Thus, the noosphere is the time, the period in the history of the mankind during which the human being’s Mind is capable to define the conditions necessary to provide the co-evolution of the Nature and society when the people’s Collective Will necessary to implement the conditions that is the noosphere development process is formed. These necessary conditions are called ecological imperative /1/. 

          Goal achievement strategy. The authors support the approach put forward by E. Laslo in his book Macroshift. These are ideas of forming of the future on the basis of the modern principles of control. They are consonant with the ideas mentioned above. The idea of the approach is as follows: don’t resist changes but use the power of the processes taking place in the preferable way.

Boleslav Trentovsky was the first to understand this. He is one of the founders of cybernetics as the science on the control of the processes of the science nature ( together with Ampere who was the first to introduce this Greek term in the 30s of the XIX century which was later on forgotten and then revived by Norbert Winner in 100 years). This remarkable Polish philosopher, not recognized by contemporaries and forgotten by descendants,  delivered lectures on cybernetics philosophy at the University of Freiburg in 1846. In them he stated his own understanding of the principles of control of the people’s groups close to those offered today. N. N. Moiseyev called this conception “the principle of a helmsman”: in his desire to reach the habour the helmsman is to rely not only on himself; he is to use the power of Nature ( the flow and wind force) to the maximum and not to direct his ship against the flow. The same situation is observed in the public life: the main thing is to understand the natural tendencies of the development. It is with the help of the knowledge and in the name of perseverance of himself on the planet the human being should overcome the difficulties of the development.   

Trentovsky published the complete set of his ideas on the actions of the cybernet ( he followed the tradition of usage of the Greek language in science terminology and  called the human being who controls not only the technical system but the people’s group by this word) in his paper The Philosophy of the Cybernetics issued in Polish in Posnan in 1848 /1/.   

Drawing near on the basis of the virtual reality. The virtual reality is literature, mathematics, cinematography, music etc. ( we even don’t mention the Internet and television) /8/. Every type of the art brings the human being’s fantasy to its field. It means that we can speak about the world of Dostoyevsky, Tolstoy etc. It is interesting to note that Agni Yoga has the idea of “passing the tests under the sign” that is, having overcome the difficulty virtually and having done it properly  there is no need for a person to pass the tests in reality. May be the secret of curing and beneficial influence of fiction ( The Crime and Punishment etc.) and other forms of the virtual reality is hidden in it? Thus, we can speak about the important role the reality plays in the life of a human being.  We know about the leading role of the thought ( everything we dream about becomes a reality sooner or later )from the Real Ethics. So, it is very important what we surround ourselves and relatives with, what thoughts we fill ourselves and the world around us with. “By changing ourselves we change the world.”

The computer creators spoke about different  pitfalls at the earliest stage of the computer development ( it is interesting to note that their papers are republished and are very topical, see /15/). N. Winner cites three parables ( F. Goethe’s The Magician, The Thousand and One Nights, U. U. Jackobs’  The Monkey’s Pad) and drives to the conclusions: “There is only one way out – to build a society based on human values different from buying-selling… Those of us who promoted the development of  the new science of cybernetics are, if to put it mildly, in unfavourable moral situation. This new science, the development of which we helped,             leads to technical achievements which create, as I have already told, huge possibilities for the good and evil. We can pass our knowledge to the world around us, and it is the world of Belsen and Hiroshima. WE even don’t have a chance to slow new technical achievements down. The best thing we could do is to help the public to understand the general trend of the work …and that the benefit from better understanding of the human being and society which this new science gives can postpone and overweigh our unintentional assistance to the power concentration ( which  always – due to conditions of its existence- is in the hands of people who are unscrupulous. But I’m writing this in 1947. I have to state that the hope for this is too small.” It is easy to note that the life proved the words of N. Winner. The informational war for the better operational system is waged on by many countries and communities. Thus, for example, to resist the USA operational systems in the person of  Windows the EU and some countries of the CIS implement Linux. B Gates in his book The Business at the Speed of the Thought reveals his plans as to the informational control over the world.  

            Applying the ancient oriental principle to a longer line drawing (see /14/) the authors recommend to create such projects and to live in such a way that other people would follow them. The Internet gives a nice chance for that. According to the proposal made by the Board of the Forum of the site the closer integration of the projects takes place that makes it possible to avoid doubling and spread facilities more rationally. The idea of the new type Association which is drifting in the air and about which the administration of the journal Delfis spoke is in the same course. The Ethics Code of the Roerich Movement is supposed to be its basis /16/. We think it to be a new type of activity –collaboration in the name of the Common Good..

            We would like to speak on some impact of using the Internet to put the evolution ideas forward. With us it’s a report on the activities undertaken by us ( there are some projects that obtained better results – we propose them and those who see the sense in this fair activity collaborating with us). The information is known to be searched with the help of search machines quite easily ( though they can’t cover all the information that Internet contains. It is still Terra Incognito).These machines “know” only the visible part of the iceberg. Nevertheless,  as there is no other method found, we use the most all-purpose search system GOOGLE.COM  By the way, if you address this search system 100 000 machines built into one cluster ( to process the huge quantity of the information with the reasonable speed) work for you. It gives the index to he popularity of the resources in the world. For example, the phrase “Roerich’s Newsletter” will obtain 200 references ( see fig.1) and the Oriflamma with all the projects mentioned above will be the reference number 1.

  It is also interesting to find out which countries visit our project sites and how often they do it. You can do it from the central page of the site ( the direct reference /17/). The number of the daily visits sometimes exceed 1000 ( like in January 2005). Russia, the USA, and Ukraine occupy the first three lines in the list of the visitors ( more than 100 world countries follow them). The server SpyLog /18/ gives the more complete statistics of it and other catalogues and ratings we take part in. But the  experts consider the search system Google.come to be more complete and independent . It is illustrated by the fig.1.

  Prognostications made on the basis of the mathematical modeling. A human being was always interested in his future. The people have tried to forecast the future for ages. Now, in the information epoch, the mathematical modeling plays the role of the prophet whom the majority of people trust. It has already saved the mankind. Thus the impact of the “nuclear winter” was forecasted by the computer modeling. It was enough to discover the fact that the nuclear war will cause the qualitative changes in the biosphere which exclude the possibility of the human being’s staying on the Earth ( the ideas as to the quantitative impact of the “nuclear winter” were published in the book of N. Moiseyev, V. V. Alexandrov, and A. M. Tarko  “The Human Being and Biosphere” in 1985 . They played the determinant role in the decision to start the disarmament made by the governments of the super-states. Now we have all reasons to say that we are close to the ecological catastrophe . Thus the paper /3/ discusses 9 scenarios of the development of the mankind in the future. Only two of them are optimistic. As there is no hope for politicians, the forming of the Mankind’s Collective Mind and based on it Planetary Civil Society is extremely necessary to develop the collective will to quit wars, set the strategy of the co-evolution with everything alive on the planet in the name of the existence if the human being’s as a species.  


Fig. 1. The results of the search in the system of GOOGLE.COM


  Conclusions. So, we have a very efficient mechanism to implement the evolution ideas into life. Besides, there is a group of like-minded persons that includes many countries of the world, professionals devoted to the ideas of the evolution ( let’s recall Plato’s words: “The ideas rule the world”) and there are all reasons to continue to develop the virtual community , put forward the ideas and form the future of the Planetary civil society at the qualitatively new evolution circuit – the noosphere stage. It is necessary to do it in the name of the future of the Earth planet. Our work in this direction defines what we will pass to our children and grandchildren on.  This is a matter of principle.

As we agree with the opinions of the scientists mentioned above we think that the establishment of the institutions of the noosphere’s type ( educational, pedagogical etc.) is necessary. These efforts are known to be made. May be they are called differently, but they are like that , as a matter of fact. For example, we are aware of the establishment of the Centre on training and bringing up of the generation of a new type. This Centre is based on the Institute of Oriental Studies. It is not a single establishment of this type. We, ourselves, are ready to do our best to develop the noosphere’s libraries ( we think that our electron library belongs to them) and all projects which already exist or which appear on both our domains and friendly ones having the same goals. We think that much depends on the “art to create interrelations” (see  /19/).          

              There are a lot of initiatives to combine the efforts. We would like to mention that physical distances sometimes are difficult to overcome. Thus the latest initiative of the Internet portal RD “Vmeste” at the Far East is useful but illusive as hardly all interested will be able to come there. The Internet solves the problem of distance and we will be able to have virtual meetings ( it, certainly, doesn’t exclude physical meetings) to discuss the ideas now. We shouldn’t wait for the meeting which may not occur in the real life. For this there exist the RD forums which now cover not only discussions but imply more integration which allows to hope for more mutual understanding and feed-up in the name of the Future.

              To wrap up we would like to cite the N. K. Roerich’s words: “Let the quality of the barest necessity be our closest stimulus. We are responsible for the future generation! The mankind is as responsible for the given planet as a gardener is responsible for his garden. We can’t be fixed. We either move forward or step shamefully back. To move forward means to create with the help of everything –activity and idea- using all the materials and taking all chances, bringing light to all narrow lanes of life. Each culture employee has only one enemy which is the dark homunculus of ignorance. The ignorance was considered to be the worst crime even in the ancient times. That is why the wish of every thinking person to live in the cultural country is quite natural. But for this every thinking person is constantly to bring the culture elements into both public and personal life. The wealth by itself doesn’t mean culture. But the widening of thinking and its refinement as well as beauty feeling bring the finesse, spirit nobility which differ the cultural person from other people. It is this person who can build the bright future of his country. He understands his holy responsibility and is aware of the necessity of constant construction. Those who will bring the beauty torch will comprehend the life of their relatives. The culture is, in its own way, the service for the Light. And the Light is one and invisible” /20/.




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