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Extremely High Frequency (EHF) Therapy in Oncology - Review


Mikhail Teppone, Romen Avagyan


This article represents a review of the literature dealing with application of low intensity electromagnetic waves of millimeter band in experimental and clinical oncology.

At early stage of study the efficacy and safety of electromagnetic radiation (MM EMR) was proved in various model of malignant tumors of animals.

Next papers delt with the treatment of patient suffered from benighn tumors for example, gastric polyps and myoma uteri.

The main part of researches provides results of efficacy and safety of electromagnetic radiation in various cases of malignant tumors of patients. This method was applied in cases of skin melanoma, cancer of ear, nose, throat, large bowel, breast cancer, uterus, lung, stomach as well as lymphoma and solid tumors.

The main indications for therapeutic application of electromagnetic radiation of MM band have been developed. They consist of:

·          Preparation to radical treatment: treatment of accompanying diseases and syndromes, prevention of the toxic effects of radio- and chemo-therapy and increasing tolerance to the radical treatment;

·          Treatment of the complication appeared after radical treatment: (surgery treatment, chemo- and radio-therapy): leukopenia, hypoplastic condition of marrow, toxic side effects of radio- and chemo-therapy, post-surgery suppurative inflammation, etc.;

·          Combination with other synergetic methods of treatment applied in oncology: laser-therapy, narcotic, analgesic or psychotropic remedies, etc.;

·          Treatment of the paraneoplastic syndrome;

·          Palliative EHF-therapy of incurable patients: narco-trancvilazation, analgetic and anti-inflammatory effects, etc;

·          Prevention of tumor process development after combined treatment: metastases, relapses and dissemination.

No direct contra-indications of MM EMR in oncology were known so far.

Thus, almost any oncological patient may be applied EHF-therapy according to indications given above.


Mikhail Teppone, Romen Avakyan («Coloyaro-2000»)