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Aeration-Basin-Sedimentation Tank


Yakov Raitsin

In the most exist buildings is used the process of continuous cleaning. The buildings have following deficiencies:1 the effect of cleaning reduced in the time of the peak load, 2 activated sludge when the temperature raised to 40 C of wastewater reduced the active, decreased to +10 C did perish; 3 in the cleaning process is made surplus the activated sludge; 4 possible contact with the surface of the flying insects.


The proposed aeration basin-sedimentation tank these shortcomings are not available. In one particular construction [water tank] happening following processes aeration, stabilization and settle. Entering raw sewage at capacity occurs only during aeration. Drain sewages clarification at that time don't execute.


That's why differential entering of sewage don't influence on the effect of cleaning. Besides this aeration basin-sedimentation tank has the following advantages:

·          thehigh doses of activated sludge are used in the process of cleaning

·          in the cleaning process uses the effective settle in the water still

·          thestability temperature of flow is ensured by heat insulation worked out by the author.


The original progressive arrangement of the spiral shaped aerators can improve the mixing of the activated sludge and thereby increase the cleaning. Unclouded stabilized settlement did not rot and could be used as fertilizer.


Simplified construction and exploitation absence of the sludge grounds can reduce the construction and installation, exploitation costs on 20-25% .On the aeration basin-sedimentation tank received certificate of authorship


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