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Assessing an anthropogenic impact on Etobicoke Creek: the separated flow approach


Rimma Vedom, Ph. D.

This paper covers an attempt to apply the separated flow approach to water quality assessment. Separation of flow implies adequate allocation of the polluting sources in time and space.

Hydrological requirements to the water quality samples and the conformance of available data with these requirements are considered as well. The SimpleBase model was used for river flow delineation into three generic components: baseflow, inter flow and surface flow. The separated flow approach was applied to Etobicoke Creek to assess the natural background and the anthropogenic impact of heavy metals in the river flow. The anthropogenic impact on the Etobicoke Creek flow in terms of additional burden of heavy metals to the natural background is amounted to 30, 80, 92, 95, 84 and 62% of the total yearly volume of arsenic, cadmium, and chromium, copper, lead, and mercury, respectively.

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