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Dear Messrs!

The main component of the system is a Universal Knowledge Base (UKB) ©, which is filled gradually using a method of formalized system analysis and the extent of application development. In the methodology I spend the idea that every conscious activity is the result of its designing and on this basis making a decision.

It might seem trite, but like we know what to designing, say, for the optimal control solutions you need to be familiar with the situation (of the environment), to be able to analyze it in detail (systems analysis), which means to identify all important factors, and then be able to take them into account in its activities, i.e. you must possess all the necessary professional knowledge.


This process of analyzing the situation, taking into account all necessary factors, the choice on this basis, the best means or ways to achieve the goal, predicting the consequences of their choices, and finally a decision,- is the content of  any processes of the designing including the designing of the control. In this case, the quality of the result depends on the availability of knowledge and the method of their application.

All candidates for the replacement of bad acting authorities try not to take into account that decision-maker person can not be able quite well aware of the situation in the country’s, even more so in such a big country like Russia. Any incoming "bottom-up" information is always filtered and distorted. For reliable guarantee objectivity and reliability of the information should be developed a special methodology and an electronic system for collecting such information. It hardly believes that even those people who are under yours criticized possess necessary for these resources. For gathering of totally objective and trustworthy information needed a special network that will not distort it. Do not worry these does not exist anywhere in the world.

Further, of systematic analysis method yet nobody in the world possesses, for the simple reason that for a generally person not under force to take into account many factors in their relationship. Therefore, even properly analyze the information you could gather from sources available to you, you may not without the use of Computerized Systems Analysis (see above). Again, it is required the science as well as a lot of money to implement the system.


Nobody is able to own all necessary professional knowledge, such specialists in the world does not exist. It is excluded, due to the intensively expanding of volume of information, haphazardly scattered across different sources. Thus is why needed the Knowledge Base (see above). 


I am writing this because I am alarmed of your program which you have declared in a conversation with Ms. Albats. It was very much clear that you do not will take into consideration the large number of factors and these are in your case very dangerous. I sympathize with you and I am not very much would like to see the ruling junta leave you for rot in jail. I think that your colleagues and co-authors neither Putin nor Medvedev especially do not care; they see that people are not interested in them and they are not as aggressive.


As I am living in another country, I can see many things happening in Russia, comparing with what is happening in Canada, I say to that "large seen from a distance." So, about what seen from a distance, I would like all the same to share with you. At least I'll know that for his part did all he could.


But! I am not a politician, and I see everything in another perspective, common to all mankind.

What is seen from a distance on the basis of past and present scientific and methodological expertise Developer MCAD and II & ES (see above):

1. With respect to the displacement of Putin and Democratization

Seems that Putin must go, but this would not lead to any changes. Democracy and elections - is not a panacea, more importantly, who could then come to power. Somehow not to be felt in your speeches that you are seriously sure in   that the Russian people will support you personally. Therefore is not ruled out the arrival of leaders such as HAMAS and HAZBOLA, but in the Russian version.

Ranking of countries on corruption suggests that democracy always is flawed. Where management is completely in the hands of people, money will tends to become sticky to your hands. Essentially get rid of corruption is impossible without the creation and implementation of a nation wide single Intelligent Information and Expert / Design System, as an advisor for optimal decision making at all levels of government. Should be established electronic system for impartially controlling of managerial decisions from top to bottom, which excludes their voluntarism and, respectively, and corruption.

It is clear that to implement such a system, Putin must go, not only because the people are already tired from him, and everybody understands that he has already made a fortune. He and his team, those who patronized him, will not tolerate with formal methods which could take from his hand a control over the corrupt system. Putin only knows how to save a centuries-old Russian corrupt system. For this he could to do nothing, because the country lived like this, lives and will live on.


Putin is not alone, the global economic crisis - a crisis of governance. He showed that faith in the stability of the effective management of the economy, regardless of market or state, has not justified itself. China with cheap labor is attracted huge number of foreign enterprises and foreign innovation - not an indicator. It is clear that until will be created and adopted a reliable means to make optimal decisions, they will be voluntaristic. Become almost a rule that the socio-economic projects, regardless of whether they were done under dictatorial or democratic regimes do not achieve the goals and more often they are failed.

You, too, do not possess the means to change this situation.

2. With respect to the displacement of Putin and free society

I do not think that this is done on purpose, it would be too clever, but objectively it turned out that Putin and Medvedev are going to check two alternatives: Putin - Putin's tough approach, Medvedev - probably yours. People basically choose Putin. More people on public opinion polls voted for him. You laugh over Medvedev's   behavior even though he almost literally ideologically with you repeated, as though implying that he was going to go yours way. You are even ready to support him. Just like you both, Mr. Medvedev believes this way is long enough. The path is so long that the end is not visible. And so they do not like to see you as interferer in this way, stumbling under their feet and pushing them, you have to be eliminated.

To everyone in the society felt free to express their interests, thoughts, preferences, etc. need very much, and above all, members of society should not be poor. Let us remember the slogan under which happen all the speeches against tyranny: "Liberty, Equality and Fraternity." Which, unfortunately, always are discredited by those who came to power under these slogans. It is known that instead of people, who brought in society bright ideas and be able to overthrowing tyrants, but who can not manage the state daily, will inevitably transferred to the scoundrels who can use this liberty to establish its even more brutal dictatorship.

Without a scientifically sound methodology and ideology of genuinely free and democratic society in Russia is not installed. For this also needs a single national system - “Intelligent Information and Expert / Design System”, which will deliver the desired goal of the optimal way. Science and technology should have a permanent development and application in public administration through II & ES and the universal knowledge base. In support of above mentioned, I want to point out the interview in the magazine “Itogi”, (№ 26," The Age of Change ") with the renowned British futurists James Martin (you probably have read it), in which he argued that without the creation of a common computerized knowledge and a system that uses artificial intelligence tools for making optimal decisions, the world waits for a return to the Stone Age, and that the world economy will depends on the united in the global network of modules of artificial intelligence is greater than the price of oil. As the author of a unified for different domains a model of the universal knowledge base that almost could gradually become a global, I do not doubt the correctness of the essence of his forecast.

It does not seems, that the people of today or even tomorrow Russia will want to stand under the compromise itself communist banners of "freedom, equality and fraternity", whose implementation is possible only in their entirety. So far the younger generation is going out with slogans like "Russia for the Russian and Moscow for the Russian." For who here provides freedom? How many people would attract ideas of the brotherhood and equality?

Need a good science-based methodology for multicultural education and more understanding in the community that there is not "Russian", but there are the people of Russia.

I'm not a fan of Mr. Shevchenko, the explicit demagogue, but for some reason he's one to my surprise several times repeated the idea that the "Russian" - the concept is not ethnic.

When my student friend, whose father was Armenian and mother was Tatar, must get a passport, she had signed as the "Russian". Lady in passport office asked her why she did it, but did not take the nationality of either parent. My friend replied that she none of them did not want to offend anyone, but "Russian" is the only these way are obtained. She was right, because simply can not be, over the centuries "ethnically pure" people to stay in Russia, and perhaps in the world.

When in Russia for everyone would become clear that there are only a large, ethnically mixed  people of Russian, who are mostly "non-Russian" and they must be a single family of free, equal and fraternal peoples, most of which ethnically mixed.

My experience of life in the former Soviet Union suggests that the majority of people avoid to be arrogant as the "Great Rassian", especially those who know how this idea is compromised  is not only by the attitude of 'Russian nationalists' with other nations, but not respected themselves, and this is never corrected.

To the people began to respect themselves, they must become the Russia's people and to feel like one family. Only this can give people respect for himself. But such action should be sincere, and this should appear in the corresponding ideology based on humanism and equality of nations, backed by actions (!).

Bragging that I'm good only because I'm Russian, more often inherent in exactly to "not a purely Russian", who want to such way for hide their "mixed origin" and thus produce a pitiful sight.



You understand that those who have been able to realize such a project yet on the horizon is not visible. Nationalist youth movements are dangerous in that them are easy to put under other slogans, getting a freedom and from among them will come out those to whom you, or even more so your colleagues, will open the door to power. Good intentions strew road to hell. It has been proved repeatedly.

Seen also, that without evidence-based humanistic ideology and methodology of transformation people of Russia in a humane, lawful and free society, they will not able to choose worthy leaders.



Today the people of Russia, unlike other nations, is quite not law-abided and sees in this as his main advantage (!). My neighbor is with great pride to say: "A group of bureaucrats to come up and pass laws, but how to circumvent them is thinking the whole nation." By the way, he was a senior officer of KGB, and he knew what he told. Circumvent the law - it means engender of corruption. It is not easy to change of centuries-old lifestyle. It is not possible to punish of all officials - will have to change the entire government machinery from top to bottom, as they say, from sea to sea. And the leader, replacing the previous better not be because he has already received absolution, because he was appointed or elected precisely because he is obviously better.

3. What possible to see In the free western society that you do not see.

I live with my family in the most multicultural city in the world - Toronto. Stark contrast society in favor of Canadian and defies simple description. There are too much to compare. Faced with a normal human, respectful and courteous to you attitude, who has done nothing for this country, you already feel as quite respected personality.

Of course, gradually begin to realize that the ideal society does not exist, not all could be  satisfied. But, importantly, that the idea of freedom, equality and fraternity are implemented and everybody are valued of this.

In Canada, you will not consider as a worthy of respect, if you're trying to hide yours origin, and you do not belong to an ethnic or religious community. This always is open, even in mixed families. The ethnically different audiences, that emphasizing their ethnic identity in dress, in their national costumes, can be found in supermarkets, in public places, streets, and nowhere is this not evokes a feeling of strangeness.

Culture of relations between people here is based on respect for the man ("Human Rights") - everyone it should feel. It is clear that the attitude toward small nations and the elderly - the main evidence on health of society. So, health of Canadian society is excellent. Black people in Canada are not like in America - they were never here slaves. American black are never black Canadian. History does not go for nothing - its dirty tricks handed down.

What should be done to turn Russia into a civilized European country in the near future, in reality, nobody knows. All self-righteously claim that they know how to rebuild the country, looks at least funny if not pathetic. Even the experience of other nations, transferred to the soil of Russia, takes ugly forms for adaptation. Indeed, much good has come to Russia from abroad (art, architecture, music, literature, science, political system, army, etc.). And much defiled best of their ability already inside of the country. Previously - Stalin, Lysenko and others, and today, Putin and his ilk.


Today is more important for the future - is to promote in society the social-economic science and e-technology that should occupy a dominant position. So if you want to bring benefit their own country, switch your attention to the promotion of a scientific approach to politics. I invite you both to cooperate on implementing the MCAD and II & ES, and in a hurry, I am no longer young. I think that as an active person, you in this direction will greatly benefit people and save his family and conscience!

I do not pretend that I proclaim the absolute truth! This is just my thoughts! I would be glad if you listen to them.


Vitaly Guitberg