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Ernst Zaltsberg



Graduated from the Saint Petersburg Mining Academy in 1960 with a M. Sc. degree in Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology. In 1972 he got a PhD degree in Hydrogeology from the All Union Institute of Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology in Moscow.


He immigrated to Canada in 1981 and for 15 years worked as a Senior Hydrogeologist with the Ontario Ministry of the Environment. He also published numerous papers and monographs (both in English and Russian) on groundwater regime, balance, forecasting and mapping and protection of groundwater resources.

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Mikhail Teppone


·          Medical Doctor (Medical University, St. Petersburg, 1981)

·          Neurologist (MedicalUniversity, Moscow, 2003)

·          Doctor of Acupuncture (Medical University, Moscow, 1999, 1996, 1992, 1988)

·          Extremely High Frequency (EHF) Therapy (“EHF”, USSR, Academyof Sciences, Moscow, 1988-1991; RussianMedicalAcademy, 1998)

·          Member of Canadian Sociality of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture (CSCMA, since the 1st of June 2005)

·          AcuTech Holistic Inc., Director



October, 1996 – May, 2005

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Romen Avagyan



tel: +7 095 - 1532697 (Moscow)

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Work experience

1982 - 2003,

Institute of Radiophysics & Electronics, ArmenianNationalAcademyof Sciences. Development of Millimeter wave passive and active devices and components based on rectangular wave-guides and oversized metal-dielectric wave-guides for passive radar, radio-astronomical investigations, remote sensing, medical and biological application of microwaves.


April, 2003 - present time

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Yury Kuznecov



Dr. Sc. in Techniques, Professor of Power Units and Heat Engines Department of Nizhniy Novgorod State Technical University (Russia)


Development of small size machines with turbine drive gears and research of turbine aerodynamics are the main fields of his activity. He is an author of 15 patents and more than 50 scientific works.


The Company called FORMULA which was established by professor Kuznecov 15 years ago specializes in development and application in industry high speed pneumatic tools. Machines, developed under his supervision, essentially outmatched existent drive gears with their level of efficiency. Consumer appeal of the machines was also conditioned due to their convenience for operation and manufacturing.

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Vladimir Himich



Dr. Sc. in Techniques, Professor, Head of Power Units and Heat Engines Department of Nizhniy Novgorod State Technical University (Russia).

Corresponding Member of Russian Engineering Academy.


He is one of Russian top level specialists in the field of development of gas-turbine engines for vessels with dynamic support. Professor Himich is an author of 5monographs, about 10 patents and more than 50 scientific works.


Working as a head of the Research Department of the Central Design Office on the Development of Hydrofoils he was engaged in conversion of aircraft gas-turbines to application in the aquatic conditions.

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Alexander Tchouvakov



Holds a Ph.D. in Production Technology, worked on the position of Associate Professor in the Power Units and Heat Engines Department of Nizhniy Novgorod State Technical University (Russia).


Now he lives in Canada and works in automation of production technology.

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Nelly Melman



Nelly Melman is a holder of PhD in medicine. For many years she worked as a Senior Scientist at the Kiev Institute of Urology and Nephritic Studies. She published more than 150 articles and was a co-author of 11 books.


Nelly immigrated to the USA in 1989

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David Grant Smith


David Smith has been a licensed professional engineer in the Province of Ontario for the last 24 years.

He is the Associate Director, Waste Management Engineering and Compliance with the Regional Municipality of Niagara (Ontario).

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Alois Stadler


Born in Wil, Switzerland, graduated 1974 with an M.A. in Slavic Languages and Literatures, Eastern European History, and Political Sciences from the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich.

Worked on a special project to promote multicultural library services to children of guest workers in Europe at the International Youth Library.

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Gary Berkovich



Dr. Gary A. Berkovich, PhD, AIA

Gary’s first love is architecture yet writing is his hobby and obsession.

He fled the Soviet Union in January of 1977 with wife, two children and $360. Fifteen years later when Russia finished with Communism published a book in Moscow: “Capitalism is Simple,” sharing with former countrymen his new experience. Have written a memoir of the years in the USSR: “Human Subjects.”

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Alla Savchenko



Alla Savchenko was born in Moscow. She graduated from the Bol’shoi Theatre Ballet School and then worked as a principal dancer at this Theatre. Alla immigrated to Canada in 1981 and joined The Royal Winnipeg Ballet Company where she worked as a teacher and choreographer.

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Genrich S. Vartanyan





352 Pacific Ave, Toronto, ON M6P 2R1 * (416) 766 2167 * This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



·          Scientific Discovery: “The Phenomenon of  Globally Spread Short-living Pulsating Changes  in the Hydrogeosphere” (the Vartanyan-Koulikov Hydrogeological Effect), 1982

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Vladimir Pak


Vladimir Pak, Ph.D. has graduated the biochemistry department of the Novosibirsk State University then made his Ph.D. in molecular biology at the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry (Moscow). For many years he was involved in genetic engineering, molecular virology and vaccine development research. T...


Atanas Kostadinov


Dr. Atanas Kostadinov received his PhD degree from the Technical University -
Sofia in the Embedded Systems Design, 2006. He is an Assistant Professor at
the John Atanasoff Technical College, Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

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Gregory Martynenko


Grigorij Yakovlevich was born in the Zaporozhian region, Ukraine. In 1961 he graduated from philological faculty of the Leningrad (St. Petersburg) State University, major in Slavonic languages. In 1961-1964 he did his postgraduate studies in Leningrad State University, major in Structural, Applied and Mathematical Linguistics. In 1972 G. Martynenko defended his Ph.D. thesis titled «Complexity of Syntactic Structures», and in 1989 he defended his D.Sc. thesis titled «Theoretical and Methodology Problems of Stylometrics». Since 1977 and up to present he works at the department of mathematical linguistics in St. Petersburg State University. His major scientific interests are the following: Linguistic Poetics, Semiotics, Text Statistics, Artmetrics, Mathematics of Harmony. He is the author of 170 scientific publications including 9 books and 10 patents.

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Anton Banin


Anton Banin

In 2007, Anton Banin received his PhD in economics from Tomsk State University.

Currently, he works as the Chair of Economics at Tomsk Polytechnic University.

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Joseph Malyar


Joseph Malyar

is a holder of the PhD degree in history. He moved to Israel in 1991. Till 2009 he worked as a scientist at the first Holocaust museum in Israel founded in 1949. In Israel he published several books including “Anti-Semitism-through ages and countries”, “Jewish people in the fight against Nazism”, “The Jewish world in the calendar of history”, “Distinguished Jews. 450 biographies in the calendar mirror”, “Pseudonyms of the distinguished Jews”, “Jews-generals and admirals in the XXth century”. He is also the author and editor of the following books: “In flame of Holocaust in the Ukraine”, “Holocaust _ Resistance _ Resurrection”, and others.

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Leonard Ghelphand

Leonard Ghelphand, Ph.D.      

Independent Buildings Constructions Expert, designer und constructor.

After leaving office work (due to Crisis) continue attempts independently (without Government support) solve actual problems buildings stability providing, including for construction in complicated conditions zones, with providing their defense from collapses, owing to nature or thechnogenical accidents (including terrorist acts), by the most economical and trust means;  prepare documents for going to Law against our Army, that promise to pay me for using (about 20 years) my Patient (“Seismic resisting building”); design country houses for our “new Russians”; reconstruct myself  my summer cottage for winter conditions (fare from crazy Moscow near to wild Nature); construct booths for Birds and homeless Cats and feed them.

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Vladimir Kuev


Dr. Sc. in Techniques

Master of Science,Physics/ Semiconductor Physics,Odessa State University, Odessa, Ukraine, 1978

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Maria Kazarnovsky

Graduated with Master Degree from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (FizTech), Department of Applied Mathematics.

Ph.D. degree in Computer Science devoted to 3-D reconstruction of Brain Structures for Computer Guided Neurosurgery has been  completed in Burdenko Neurosurgery Institute (Moscow) in 1991.

The articles on the mathematical grounds and computer implementation of the Computer Guided Neurosurgery Systems have been published in multiple scientific journals (Computers in Biology and Medicine, Acta Neurochirurgica etc) and presented on 9-th European Neurosurgery Congress and International conferences.

Apart from 3-D reconstruction and visualization, the field of professional interest and expertise lies in databases design, implementation, support and optimization including Terabytes size databases in Telecommunication, Finance and Health Care.

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Yakov Raitsin

Invented aeration tank – settler (certificate for invention SU 1542415 A1).

Lives in Canada since 2010. 

Working History:

1978 – 1990 Senior specialist and engineer of water supply and sewage, Deputy Manager of water supply & sewage and heating & ventilation department at USSR Dairy and Meat Products Industry Planning and Designing Institute

1969 – 1978 Team lead and manager of water supply and sewage department of USSR Aviation Industry Planning and Designing Institute

1965 – 1969 Senior engineer at Planning and Designing management department of Automobile Factory named on behalf of Lihachev

1961 – 1965 Senior engineer at Planning and Designing Institute of Country Reserves GPI-6

1957 – 1961 Adjustment and tuning of water supply and filtering stations engineer and then senior engineer at Adjustments and Tuning Corporation

1956 – 1957 Marshes drainage engineer in Latvia

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