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Maria Kazarnovsky

Graduated with Master Degree from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (FizTech), Department of Applied Mathematics.

Ph.D. degree in Computer Science devoted to 3-D reconstruction of Brain Structures for Computer Guided Neurosurgery has been  completed in Burdenko Neurosurgery Institute (Moscow) in 1991.

The articles on the mathematical grounds and computer implementation of the Computer Guided Neurosurgery Systems have been published in multiple scientific journals (Computers in Biology and Medicine, Acta Neurochirurgica etc) and presented on 9-th European Neurosurgery Congress and International conferences.

Apart from 3-D reconstruction and visualization, the field of professional interest and expertise lies in databases design, implementation, support and optimization including Terabytes size databases in Telecommunication, Finance and Health Care.

Oracle Certified Professional.

Personal long term interest to Nervous System Evolution resulted in the article on the problem of nerve pathways crossing.

Her article On the Problems of Nerve Pathways Crossing is puplished here under Medicine and Pharmacology.


On the Problem of Nerve Pathways Crossing