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Elina Arakelyan

Elina  Arakelyan was born in  Baku, Azerbaijan (then USSR). Graduated from the Department of Physics, Lomonosov Moscow State University in 1991, and received her PhD in nuclear physics at the same University in 1994.  Also holds a MSc degree in Medical Physics and Bioengineering from the University College of London, UK ( 2014). 

Since 1996 has been working in the field of import/export, logistics, supply/ demand planning, forecasting and inventory control with major multinational corporations. Immigrated to Canada from Moscow, Russia  in 2005. Worked as a planner and forecaster for Kraft Foods, Hewlett Packard, Clorox  Canada, Nestle Canada. Currently holds a demand planner position with Colgate-Palmolive Canada. Lives in Toronto.