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Alexander Postolaki

Postolaki Alexander Illarion. born on 22.02.1972, in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova. My career started as a medical ordery in the operating unit of "Central Emergency Hospital" from 1987 to 1989. Graduated from the Medical Faculty of the State University of Medicine and Pharmacy "Nicolae Testemitanu" Republic of Moldova in 1996.

After post-graduate specialization in general therapy, worked as a physiotherapist. In 2000-2003. trained in residency in dentistry, after which enrolled in postgraduate studies in the same specialty. In 2007 I defended my thesis for the degree of Doctor of Medicine in occlusal disorders. Currently I am Associate Professor at the cathedra of Prosthodontics by prof. I. Postolaki. I’ve published more than 100 scientific papers in various journals and have received 4 certificates of authorship on inventions in a scientific direction "Occlusal disorders, their prevention and treatment" marked at the international exhibition in 2007 with "silver" and "bronze" medals. In 2013 was awarded the title of professor of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences. At the moment I’m working on the research "spiral symmetry as a universal matrix in the structure of  dento-alveolar and maxillofacial human system."

In 2012 has been published a monograph entitled "Clinical aspects of restoration of posterior teeth and occlusion", Chisinau, Tipogr. "Poliart", 491 p. (2012); Teaching manual "The modern concept of shaping of human maxillofacial system" (2012); Direct and indirect restoration of posterior teeth. Guidelines. Chisinau (2012); Restaurarea arhitectonicii suprafeţelor ocluzale a dinţilor laterali. Recomandare metodică, (2012); Architectonics of the occlusal surfaces of lateral teeth and their restoration. Methodical recommendations, (2012).  Has been completed a series of research papers in International dental journal "DentArt" (Ukraine, Poltava) on "Reparative regeneration -" Holy Grail "in dentistry of the third millennium. Form and Evolution ", Part I-VIII (2010-2012);

In 2012, the International Publishers Lambert Academic Publishing (Germany) published a book of Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, President of the International Club of the Golden Section A.P. Stakhov "Basics of Mathematical Harmony and Its Applications" (in 3 volumes), which also includes scientific ideas on the topic of ongoing research.

For scientific achievements name A.I. Postolaki was logged in Encyclopedia of the European Academy of Natural Sciences (Hanover, Germany) (2012) and the Russian encyclopedia "RUSSIAN SCIENTISTS" (2013). In 2013 he was awarded by the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences and the European scientific and industrial consortium (ESIC) with Gold Medal "European Quality».

Decision of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (PAE) (July 18, 2013) approved the conclusion of the Evaluation Committee to award the RAE A.I. Postolaki the title of professor of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences.