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Iskander (Alexander) Askarovich Abdulov

He was born in c. Tashkent in 1935.


From the childhood he likes painting and his parents have send him to “School for gifted child”, where his teacher was world wide famous artist Aleksandr N. Volkov.


After his graduation at Architectural Department of the Central Asia Politechnical University in c. Tashkent with an Architect diploma in 1958, I. Abdulov more than 25 years has worked in Architectural Studio in the “TashZNIIEP” as one of senior staff of the design organization.


He is author a number of residential, commercial and institutional buildings.


The most famous are State Museum of Arts in c. Tashkent, “Inturist” hotel complexes in c. Samarkand and c. Burhara and others. Simultaneously, he used his free time for painting and after he was retired, he became as fulltime artist.


Abdulov is a very knowledgeable in historical architecture of the Central Asia, and due to this he is rather precisely rendering of nature and historical building various cities of Uzbekistan. His pictures are populated with colorful bazaars, people, fruits, as well as historical combats of Amir-Timur, the ancient sovereign of the Central Asia, armored solders, etc.


Almost all his pictures already bought by the private collections in USA and Turkey.