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Grygoriy Shyngaryov


Ph. D. in Physics and Mathematics (Thermal Physics Department of the Odessa State University, Odessa, USSR, 1990), M. Sc. in Physics/Thermal Physics (Odessa State University, Odessa, USSR, 1978).

Expert in physics of aerosols and development of medical light therapy devices.
Wide professional experience in experimental physics and engineering.

His interests include:

Passage of light through aerodispersce system;

Generation of monodisperced aerosols;

Phenomena of heat and mass transfer and motion of aerosol particles in the thermal diffusion chamber (Ph.D. dissertation);

Formation and dynamics of small aerosol particles under the influence of the eximer laser radiation;

Environmental application of absolute filter for cleaning industrial aerosols;

Development of medical light therapy apparatuses.

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