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Vitali Guitberg


M.Sc. in Architecture (MiddleAsia Polytechnic University, Tashkent, Uzbekistan, 1958), Ph.D. in Architecture (Academy of Architecture of the USSR, Moscow, Russia 1969), Academic status as a Senior Scientist has been averred (Ministry of High Education of the USSR, Moscow, 1978), Specialist in Systems Analysis (Moscow Radio and Electronic University, Moscow, 1978).


Interests include architectural design, art, systems analysis and artificial intelligence.




·          Monograph: "Systemic Design in Construction Field"ã, STROIIZDAT, Moscow-Leningrad, 1987. Description of an application of the "Total Methodology of the computerized Systems Analysis and Design"ãto architectural design and construction,

·          "Computerized method of scientific and technological progress forecasting" "Forecasting for social sphere processes" Academy of Science of the USSR, 1987.

·          "The methods of application of computerized systems analysis for taking into consideration environmental factors (macro and micro climate) in a process of residential design". International Symposium "Climatologic in Construction", Moscow, 1987.

·          "Computer aid system for design of residential buildings" (with L. Broner and others), Application of computerized technology in construction, GOSSTROI of the USSR, 1981.             



In Canada

·          Self-employed, Toronto, Ontario, 1992-present

Work experience includes cases studies, preparation of documentation for in field of commercial, residential and institutional construction in Canada, Russia, and Byelorussia

·          Artist, show in Art gallery “In the making”, 1992-1993,

·          Artist and “European artists” show entrepreneur in “The Lourier gallery”, 1994-1995


In the former USSR

·          Senior Scientist - Architect in the Central Research and Design Institute for Standard and Experimental of Housing Design, Moscow, Russia, 1970-1992.

a.       Research, scientific analysis and design in field of prefabricated residential construction in different regions of the former USSR. Author and Program director of development of the “New Methodology of Design of Standard Projects for residential construction in the USSR”

b.  Author more than 250 architectural designs for residential, institutional, commercial constructions in Moscow and suburbs, Yaroslavl, Ryazan and some others in Russia, Tashkent and other cities of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.Most of them have been built.

c.       Author more than 60 scientific publications in the USSR, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Poland.

·          Artist in the Artistic Found of the Russian Federation, Moscow Branch, 1968 -1992

Interior and Art Design and rendering for clubs, concert halls, hotels, restaurants, resorts, homes and others.

·          The Architectural Studio of The Union of Architects of Moscow, Russia, 1967-1989.

Design and Site supervision number of buildings in Moscow and Moscow Region (hotels, hospitals, residential buildings, government’s offices)

·          A Vice-Chairman of Department of Building Climatologic of the Board of Directors of the Union of Architects of the USSR, 1970-1991



In Canada (volunteer works)

·          Author and System software Architect of development of methodical software complex CoSMoS on a Base of MCAD, and its applications Intelligent Information & Expert System for Employment Agencies - EMPAGE (and its modification CRAS for Credential Assessment), led of the programmers-volunteers (I. and V. Nikolaenko), Toronto, Ontario, 1995-1996

·          Author of the “Methodical approach for Professional orientation and adaptation of Internationally Trained Individuals”, 1995

·          Implementation of EMPAGE in field of Professional Orientation and Adaptation of Internationally Trained individuals, Toronto, Ontario, 1996-present.

·          Author of Methodical approach for “Preliminary assessment of Innovations”, lead of the group of specialists-volunteers in development of the Project-Proposal “Innovations developments evaluation assistance-IDEA”, 2002, and Project-Proposal “Technological Incubators”, 2005.

·          Author of Methodical approach for creation of “Nation wide Info-environment”, lead of the group of specialists-volunteers in development of the Project-Proposal “Nation wide Info-environment”, 2004-2005


In the former USSR

·          Author of “The total Methodology of Computerized Systems Analysis and Design - MCAD”, 1971-1987

·          Chef group of developers of the MCAD application in architectural design of the residential construction in Russia, 1987-1992

·          Chef of researcher in development of the Knowledge Base (MCAD application) in field of Construction Climatologic in The USSR, 1985-1992

·          System Architect of the "Computer aid system for design of residential buildings", 1970-1990



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