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Alexey Stakhov


Doctor of Sciences in Computer Science (1972), Full Professor (1974)

Academician of the Ukrainian Academy of Engineering Sciences (1992)

Author of about 400 scientific books (including 10 books and 65 patents of USA, England, Japan, France, Germany, Canada)

The most important publications:

The books:

- Introduction into Algorithmic Measurement Theory (Moscow, Soviet Radio, 1977);

- Algorithmic Measurement Theory (Moscow, Znanie, 1979);

- Codes of the Golden Proportion (Moscow, Radio and Communication, 1984).

Publications in the prestigious International Journals and the Journals of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences:

- The Golden Section in the Measurement Theory, Computers & Mathematics with Applications, 1989, Vol. 17, No 4-6, 613-638.

- The Golden Section and Modern Harmony Mathematics, Applications of Fibonacci Numbers, Vol. 7, Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1998, 393-399.

- The Golden Section and Science of System Harmony. Bulletin of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, No 12, 1991, 8-15 (in Ukrainian).

- Stakhov A.P., Tkachenko I.S.  Hyperbolic Fibonacci Trigonometry. Journal "Reports of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences”, Vol. 208, No 7, 1993, 9-14 (in Russian).

- Algorithmic Measurement Theory: a General Approach to Number Systems and Computer Arithmetic. International Journal "Control Systems and Computers", No 4-5, 1994, 38-52 (in Russian).

- A generalization of the Fibonacci Q-matrix. Reports of the National Academy of sciences of Ukraine, No 9, 1999, 46-49.

- The Generalized Golden Sections and a New Approach to the Geometric Definition of a Number. Ukrainian Mathematical Journal, 2004, Vol. 56, No. 8, 1143-1150 (in Russian).

- Brousentsov’s Ternary Principle, Bergman’s Number System and Ternary Mirror-symmetrical Arithmetic, The Computer Journal (British Computer Society), Vol. 45, No. 2, 2002, 221-236.

-  Stakhov A., Rozin B. On a new class of hyperbolic function. - Chaos, Solitons & Fractals, 2004, V. 23, No.2, 379-389.

-  Stakhov A. The Generalized Principle of the Golden Section and its Applications in Mathematics, Science and Engineering. -  Chaos, Solitons & Fractals (accepted for publication).

-  Stakhov A., Rozin B. The Golden Shofar. - Chaos, Solitons & Fractals (accepted for publication).

-  Stakhov A., Rozin B. Theory of Binet formulas for Fibonacci and Lucas p-numbers.- Chaos, Solitons & Fractals (accepted for publication).

-  Stakhov A., Rozin B. The “Golden” Algebraic Equations. - Chaos, Solitons & Fractals (accepted for publication).

The work as Visiting-Professor:


-         1976  - Vienna Technical University (Austria)

-         1986 – Jena University (Germany)

-         1988 – Dresden Technical University (Germany)

-         1995-1997 – University of Al Fateh (Tripoli, Libya)

-         1998-2000 – University of Eduardo Mondlano(Maputo, Mozambique)

-         2001– Taganrog University of Radio Engineering

-         2002– Karkov National Aero Cosmic University

-         2003– Kharkov National University


Scientific awards,the international recognition of a scientific direction:


-         1980 - The Prize of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine for the best scientific publication

-         1988 – The memorial medal by Henrich Barkhausen given by the Dresden Technical University as the Visiting-Professor of the Henrich Barkhausen  Department

-         1990 – the Prize for the best scientific publication of the Journal “Bulletin of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences”

-         1997 – thebiographicalinclusion into the 7-th edition of the International Directory of the Distinguished Leadership «InternationalDirectoryofDistinguishedLeadership» and the4thedition of the «InternationalWho’sWhoofContemporaryAchievement» (the American Biographical Institute)

-         2000 -  “The2000 MillenniumMedalofHonour”given by the American Biographical Institute

-         2000 - The honored certificate „The Man of 2000 Year”given by the Major of the Vinnitsa town (Ukraine)

-         2003 – thescientificcoordinatoroftheInternationalConference“ProblemsofHarmony, SymmetryandGoldenSectioninNature, ScienceandArt” (Vinnitsa, October 2003)

-         President of the International Club of the Golden Section (2003)

-         Honorable Professor of the Taganrog University of Radio Engineering (2004)


Mathematics of Harmony and its applications in modern science


Dirac’s Principle of Mathematical Beauty, Mathematics of Harmony


“Golden” Fibonacci Goniometry, Fibonacci-Lorentz Transformations, and Hilbert’s Fourth Problem