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Genrich S. Vartanyan





352 Pacific Ave, Toronto, ON M6P 2R1 * (416) 766 2167 * This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



·          Scientific Discovery: “The Phenomenon of  Globally Spread Short-living Pulsating Changes  in the Hydrogeosphere” (the Vartanyan-Koulikov Hydrogeological Effect), 1982

·          Personal patents on prediction of catastrophic geodynamic events (Russia, USA, Japan, Greece, Turkey)

·          Development of the “Regional Hydro-geodeformatics” research branch

·          Development of Hydrogeodeformation Monitoring System for the purposes of strong   geodynamic events prediction (R-STEPS) and practical application of the system to geodynamic active regions of Russia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine (HGD-network)

·          Development of the Geo-Environmental Ecological Research Principles

·          Development of the Fluidal-Physical Model of the Earth



Doctor of Science (Dr Sc)in Geology/Mineralogy, All-Union Research Institute for Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology, Moscow, 1974

Dissertation: The Regularities in Formation and Distribution of Carbon-dioxide Water in Mountain-folded Regions.

Candidate of Science (PhD)in Geology/Mineralogy, Moscow State University, 1965

Thesis: Conditions for Discharge of Deep-set Thermomineral Water along Ruptured Dislocations in Fissured Rock Massifs.

Bachelor of Science (Honors)in Geology/Hydrogeology, Moscow State University,1958



Director, the Russian National Research Institute for Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology (VSEGINGEO), Moscow, Russia,1983-2003

Deputy Director (Research), the All-Union Research Institute for Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology, Moscow, Russia, 1980 -1983

Head of the Laboratory (VSEGINGEO), the All-Union Research Institute for Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology, Moscow, Russia, 1973 -1980

Scientific Researcher,All-Union Research Institute for Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology (VSEGINGEO), Moscow, Russia, 1965-1973

Head of the Geological Team,East-Siberian Hydrogeological Expedition, 1960 -1963

Junior Researcher, Moscow State University, Russia, 1958 -1959




·          Professor, Moscow Geological Prospecting Institute, Moscow, Russia, 1974 -1983: Lecturing of courses “Regional Geodeformatics”, “Environmental Geology”.

·          Tutor for PhD students (from Russia, Algeria, Mongolia, Denmark, Armenia)



·          Head of the troubleshooting team during the Djava-Racha Earthquake, Georgia, 1991

·          Member of the Invited Scientific Expert Group after the Loma Prieta Earthquake, USA, 1989

·          Head of the troubleshooting team during the Spitak Earthquake, Armenia,

·          1988-1989

·          Head of the expert group working out the protective measures (ground water) in the site of Chernobyl power plant catastrophe, for the Government of the USSR,

1986 – 1991


·          Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences

·          Member of the New York Academy of Sciences

·          Member of the American Institute of Hydrology;

·          Member of the International Association of Hydrogeologists

·          Member of the UN Expert Group on Land Use Planning in Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP)


·          Vice-President of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences 1995 -1998

·          Vice-President of the International Association of Hydrogeologists, 1980  - 1989

·          Officer of the Executive Council, the International Commission “COGEOENVIRONMENT”

·          Expert of IAEA



·          Member of Editorial Boards, journals “Applied Hydrogeology”, “The Hydrogeology Journal” (both in English), 1986 - 1988, 2002 - 2004  

·          Chairman of Editorial Council, the Journal “Otetshestvennaya Geologia”, 1999 -2003

·          Member of the Editorial Boards, of Journals: “Mineral Resources of Russia”, “Exploration and Protection of Mineral Resources”, “Bulletin of MOIP”, 1975 -2003



·          The Kapitsa Silver Medal for the Scientific Discovery, 1997

·          Golden Medal with Excellence, the World Salon of Discoveries and Innovations “Eureka”, Brussels, 1995

·          Diamex International Award for operations in the area of Spitak catastrophe, 1989

·          The Chernobyl Cross, the award for operations in the immediate vicinity of Chernobyl atomic power plant (explosion, 1986)



·          Professor in Hydrogeology and Radiohydrogeology, 1974





Over 200 publications in scientific journals, proceedings of International Congresses and Conferences.

Several monographs and maps among them:

·          Geology and Ecosystems. (Editor and Coauthor). Publishing house Springer. USA, 2006

·          Ecogeological Map of Central Eurasia. Scale 1:5 000000. (Editor and Coauthor). YGGEO, Alma-Aty, 2003

·          Regional System of Geodynamic Monitoring: Sustainable Development of Seismic-Prone Regions. UN UNEP, Atlas of Urban Geology. Forum on Urban Geology in Asia and the Pacific, 2001

·          Ecogeology of Russia. (Chief Editor). Publishing house “Geoinformmark”, Moscow, 2000

·          Album of Geoenvironmental Maps of the Russian Federation 1:5 000 000. (Chief Editor), Moscow, 1997

·          The Phenomenon of Globally Spread Short-living Pulsating Changes in the Hydrogeosphere (“The Vartanyan – Koulikov Hydrogeological Effect”). Scientific Discovery, Diploma #273, USSR State Committee on Inventions, Moscow, 1983



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