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Gregory Martynenko


Grigorij Yakovlevich was born in the Zaporozhian region, Ukraine. In 1961 he graduated from philological faculty of the Leningrad (St. Petersburg) State University, major in Slavonic languages. In 1961-1964 he did his postgraduate studies in Leningrad State University, major in Structural, Applied and Mathematical Linguistics. In 1972 G. Martynenko defended his Ph.D. thesis titled «Complexity of Syntactic Structures», and in 1989 he defended his D.Sc. thesis titled «Theoretical and Methodology Problems of Stylometrics». Since 1977 and up to present he works at the department of mathematical linguistics in St. Petersburg State University. His major scientific interests are the following: Linguistic Poetics, Semiotics, Text Statistics, Artmetrics, Mathematics of Harmony. He is the author of 170 scientific publications including 9 books and 10 patents.

Besides his main occupation Gregory Martynenko has the other one: he is a classical singer giving regular recitals. He is the laureate of two international vocal competitions.

Gregory Martynenko is the member of St. Petersburg Scientific Association, international Chaliapin’s Society and the International Association «The Golden Section».

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