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Joseph Malyar


Joseph Malyar

is a holder of the PhD degree in history. He moved to Israel in 1991. Till 2009 he worked as a scientist at the first Holocaust museum in Israel founded in 1949. In Israel he published several books including “Anti-Semitism-through ages and countries”, “Jewish people in the fight against Nazism”, “The Jewish world in the calendar of history”, “Distinguished Jews. 450 biographies in the calendar mirror”, “Pseudonyms of the distinguished Jews”, “Jews-generals and admirals in the XXth century”. He is also the author and editor of the following books: “In flame of Holocaust in the Ukraine”, “Holocaust _ Resistance _ Resurrection”, and others.

For more information on the book on Jewish generals and admirals please go to:

A short biography of the American-Israeli general David Marcus who was a hero of the War for Independence.