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Leonard Ghelphand

Leonard Ghelphand, Ph.D.      

Independent Buildings Constructions Expert, designer und constructor.

After leaving office work (due to Crisis) continue attempts independently (without Government support) solve actual problems buildings stability providing, including for construction in complicated conditions zones, with providing their defense from collapses, owing to nature or thechnogenical accidents (including terrorist acts), by the most economical and trust means;  prepare documents for going to Law against our Army, that promise to pay me for using (about 20 years) my Patient (“Seismic resisting building”); design country houses for our “new Russians”; reconstruct myself  my summer cottage for winter conditions (fare from crazy Moscow near to wild Nature); construct booths for Birds and homeless Cats and feed them.

The main constructor in ZAO "Kapstroyproekt" Moscow.


Took part in designing residential and social Building Constructions, underground and multistory Garages, engineering Structures and other Buildings in Moscow and near Moscow.


Senior engineer, leading engineer, senior scientist collaborator, the main scientist collaborator in Research and Investigation Department  of “CENTRAL RESEARCH AND DESIGN INSTITUTE for DWELLINGS” (“CNIIEP gilischa”), Moscow, USSR.


 Developed and improved methods calculations of bearing multistory large panel buildings structure, subjected by strong horizontal stresses with consideration of a no elastic deformation, caused by partial disconnecting of the foundation from ground, disclosing of horizontal joints, cracking of elements and etc., based on theoretical investigation on mathematician models  and experimental testing on transformational large scale model of multistory large panel building; designed concepts and worked out principal new solutions of prefabricated elements, joints and formed by them bearing space systems; took part in working out normative documents and recommendations for designing multistory residential large panel buildings with bearing reinforced concrete structure systems for high seismic activity regions; took part in designing typical serials industrialized prefabricated multistory residential buildings for mass construction in high active seismic regions of the former USSR Republics, Mongolia, Afghanistan, Iran, Cuba; took part in natural testing’s constructed buildings; examined, expertise  and analyzed different research works, inventions and projects of structure and buildings for completed conditions; inspected damaged buildings (after earthquakes, accidents etc.) and determined practical solutions to restore, reconstruct and strengthen them.


Engineer, senior engineer in Institute “Santechproekt”,Moscow, USSR.


Designed residential and commercial buildings, boiler houses and exhibition pavilions built in Moscow and Krasnokamsk.


Due to my working from beginning to now there was arrived next general results:

Utilization of one of constructional solutions – grating loggia external bearing panels ( patent of the USSR # 317766 ) that take part in perceiving seismic forces and provide promotion of space interaction of bearing element systems multistory residential buildings in Tashkent and Alma-Ata saved more than $160 millions (for that I received 20.000 rub. in 1985 - after 5 уairs jugging with Kazakhstan Government).


None of residential multistory large panel buildings with structures designed by me and built in high seismic active regions in Fare East and North Caucasus of Russia, Armenia,  Kazakhstan,  Uzbekistan, Kirgizstan had any marks of destruction from earthquakes, including last destroying earthquake in December 1988 in Armenia (Leninakan),


From 1985 in Tashkent is constructed residential resistant multistory large panel buildings with horizontal “contact” joints ( patent of the USSR # 579386 ) that proposed saving of more than 20% of reinforcement and promoting abnormally high seismic resistance trustworthy of system (for that I didn’t get anything, accept a medal “Inventor” of the USSR”, but though indeed I didn’t invent the USSR!).


From 1990 to now military builders construct large panel buildings in high seismic active regions of Siberia and Far East of the Russia with utilization my patent (Russia# 1768735 “Seismic resisting Building”) that provided  their seismic resistance and receive about 10% construction economy. Because our Army promise to pay me for exploitation my patient, I prepare for going to Law with Military Leadership, in spite of that it may be useless and even dangerous for me.


It was proposed by me following new principal solutions for building construction:

"Universal Structural System" for diverse prefabricated buildings to construct in ordinary and complicated conditions with use different type of modular und mutual substituted prefabricated elements (linear, flat and space), that allow to provide endless variety of architectural solutions for buildings by means limited elements assortment, improving the quality and reducing period and cost of designing and constructing, raising safety of bearing systems by earthquake or accident.


Space table for multistory residential buildings ground floor and space structures for technical storages, that allow to create large free spacesby raising existing of bearing systems agents accidents.


Systems of reconstruction of buildings with raising them and strengthen their stability for ordinary und seismic active regions, including - without evacuation of tenants.

Prefabricated elements of foundations, walls and roofs structure to provide compensation of deformation caused by temperature that allows increasing reliability of buildings.

Foundations for wood houses, erected on unevenly deformational by frost grounds (realized in my cottage).


Systems of strengthening foundations and automatic correction of deformations and inclinations of Buildings on weakening or unevenly deformational grounds (realized by reconstructions and strengthening break houses under Moscow).


Complex of several (3 and more) sky-scrapers which providing mutual stability of buildings and safety of tenants under earthquakes, hurricanes and accidents by means of special ties system.


Ecological and energy saving buildings with using ventilated air and energy of the wind.

Machineries and equipment for testing’s and investigations building constructions, including "Universal Force Research Test Bench» (patent of the USSR  # 1195222) that provide simplificate and raising corrections of testing’s, especially on force by complicated loadings.


Some of my solutions are patented (the single author), some may be patented (but now it isn’t reason in Russia). Some of them are realized, some need to be worked out in detail and investigated (only in another conditions).


Aspirant of“Akademija stroitelstva i architecturi”



"The USSR Government Award" for solution problems of earthquake resistant industrialized residential buildings construction andrealization them in high seismic active zones of Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

"Inventor of the USSR"for practical realization an effective invention (patent of the USSR # 579386 ) in seismic resistance buildings construction,


About 60 publications, incl. monographs and patents, related to buildings constructionmainly for high seismic active areas.

The most of publications are in Russian.


Member of Scientist Group of Active Seismic Protection under Presidium of the USSR Academy of Science.


Russia, Moscow, 127220,

Petrovsko-Razumovsky proezd,

Block 8, Apt. 14,


His article on

To Protecting Buildings from Collapses by Earthquakes, Accidents and Terrorist’s Acts